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  1. GTN™ Series Discover the Garmin GTN series, the next evolution in avionics. With intuitive touchscreen controls, seamless cockpit…
    duration 4:17
  2. Getting Started with GTN™ — COMM/NAV Controls Take a closer look at how the COMM and NAV functions work on the Garmin GTN series.
    duration 3:36
  3. Getting Started with GTN™ — "Direct To" Input Learn how to operate the "Direct To" capabilities of the Garmin GTN series, including how to find your nearest and most…

    duration 1:32
  4. Getting Started with GTN™ — Using the Touchscreen Master the Garmin GTN series' revolutionary touchscreen controls with the help of this video segment.
    duration 2:51
  5. Getting Started with GTN™ — Shortcuts Discover how much simpler it is to access flight data and essential functions with the Garmin GTN series.
    duration 2:43
  6. Getting Started with GTN™ — The Map Screen Learn how to operate the Garmin GTN series' moving map display, including how to pan, zoom, or even pull up more…
    duration 3:12
  7. Getting Started with GTN™ — Basic Flight Scenario Take off on a basic flight using the new Garmin GTN series. This video will show you how to set COMM frequencies, fly…
    duration 2:32
  8. Getting Started with GTN™ — Graphical Flight Planning Discover Garmin GTN series' new graphical flight planning mode, which allows you to change your flight plan just by…
    duration 1:15
  9. Getting Started with GTN™ — In-flight Tools Learn how to make the most of your Garmin GTN series navigator, including how to use the terrain, weather and traffic…

    duration 1:56
  10. Getting Started with GTN™ — Loading Approaches Get step-by-step instructions on how to load an execute approaches with the Garmin GTN series.  
    duration 2:00

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