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Handling Request Form
With the form below you can request handling by Vliegclub Rotterdam.

As stated in the AIP of the Netherlands, confirmed handling is mandatory for all General Aviation traffic arriving at Rotterdam The Hague Airport, for security reasons.

Once your handling is confirmed by us, we will notify the Airport Authority, and - in case of an international inbound or outbound flight – Customs and Immigration.


  excl. VAT   incl. VAT
Landing fee EHRD      
Till 1500 kg   € 22,80   € 27,59
Till 2000 kg € 30,49   € 36,89
Parking fee per 24 hours (when parking longer than 6 hours)      
Till 2000kg € 17,49   € 24,38
Handling fee VCR      
Per every incoming flight € 24,79   € 30,00

Payment of fees
All fees (landing fee, parking fee, handling fee) need to be paid at our Operations before your departure. We’ll take care of the remittance of fees to the Airport Authorities.

If not paid before departure we'll charge an additional fee of Eur 15,-- to cover postage and collection costs.

We strongly prefer your payment via Bank Card (debit card supporting MAESTRO), and Mastercard or Visa  credit cards.

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Change of plans
We would appreciate if you inform us as soon as possible by phone or e-mail in case your plans change (for whatever reason), causing a delay or cancellation of your flight.

Our contact details
For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Vliegclub Rotterdam
Zaventembaan 1
NL-3045 AR Rotterdam
The Netherlands


Phone +31-10-4153353

Requestor Details
Aircraft details
Details of planned inbound flight (arrival at EHRD)
Details of planned outbound flight (departure at EHRD)
Additional information

Our conditions


The Captain (Pilot In Command) of a visiting aircraft is solely responsible for the correct use of the Airport, and for the use of the Handling Service offered by the Vliegclub Rotterdam, to recreational general aviation.

Rules and regulations related to liability of Rotterdam-The Hague Airport in case of direct damage and/or personal injuries are specified in the Airport Regulations.

  1. Vliegclub Rotterdam cannot be held liable for any direct or consequential damages and/or personal injuries incurred on the Airport premises, if this damage is not caused by any aircraft owned or used by Vliegclub Rotterdam.

  2. Vliegclub Rotterdam does not accept any liability for direct or indirect damage, caused by unavailability, partly or in full, of accommodation and/or handling facilities.

  3. For any damage to the airport or Airport Authority full liability towards the Airport Authority shall be assumed by the party out of whose actions or negligence, including that of its staff or third parties acting under its responsibility, the damage has resulted from.

For any damage to the Vliegclub Rotterdam liability towards the Vliegclub Rotterdam shall be assumed by the party out of whose actions or negligence the damage has resulted from.

Consequential damages include, but are not limited to, lost profits, delay damages, alternative transportation and expenses resulting from administrative and punitive penalties and measures.


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